• Introduction : At the highest quality to the customer, English programs and other educational products are offered. These programs are for young students (K-12), high school students, college students, office workers, businesses, and foreigners. At EduPass, there is something for everyone. With our extensive network throughout Vietnam and internationally, we also join other professional sectors, including consulting, international recruiting, study abroad programs, and a number of other professional sectors.
  • Core Value : Unlike other education institutions, the EduPass group is going into this as a passion project for the continued development of the country of Vietnam. The number one focus of the company is quality: this includes achieved learning outcomes, quality of customer service, and international professionalism of the highest standard for all staff members.
  • Also unique to EduPass is the full lifecycle that a student can complete. Once through the doors, this student is a member of the EduPass family. From age kindergarten, through primary school, into high school, into pre-university programs, then partnered with universities in Vietnam and in 30+ other countries at the undergraduate and graduate levels, we can build a full 20 year study plan for a student. And that’s not all. Well connected in Vietnam and around the whole world, we can also help in consulting and international recruiting. In other words, once their studies are complete, we can help our EduPass students find jobs with the best salary and benefits. After learning with us, they will have all the necessary skills for success, and companies will be thrilled to hire them. 
  • All of this goes back to our core values. At EduPass, there is a “KASH” system, where students can earn EduKash to collect valuable and meaningful rewards. The K is for knowledge. The A is for attitude. The S is for skills. The H is for habits. Why? Because learning a language, passing a test, gaining admission into the university — these simply only parts of becoming successful. Our teaching methodology and style is built into the customer experience. These core values are built into the way everyone at EduPass behaves, from its founders, board of directors, and all the way down to ground level with the staff.